The Denver Handmade Alliance would love to hear from you!  Reach out to any of us about anything crafty and fun and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Please remember that DHA is a completely volunteer run organization, so please allow at least a few days for a response.  



President:  Erin McMillin

You probably know Erin mostly for her dedication to building opportunities for the handmade community, but she also loves cats, philosophy, and sending handmade cards.  She also enjoys making jewelry and intricately stitched treasures almost as much as she loves making the DHA extra rad.




Vice President:  Meghan Throckmorton

Meghan owns Rakun, a tiny shop on Santa Fe carrying all Denver made clothing and accessories.  She loves making cheeful, retro styles almost as much as she loves helping the greater creative community through the DHA and lots of other organizations.   Meghan is a passionate snack connoisseur who starts each day dancing with her daughter and loves to stop everything to offer a bit of advice to anyone who walks through her door.




Market Liason:  Nicky Alden

Nicky is one half of Ink Lounge – a Denver creative studio that mixes a passion for graphic design, an inspiration to make things by hand and a desire to work with and help other people into one tasty elixir. She designs, screenprints and teaches others to screenprint too; and is excited to be a part of DHA because of the way they connect with the maker community. She also has an odd affinity for Brussels sprouts, makes a mean latte and is proud to say she finished a triathlon and didn’t even drown.




Treasurer:  Lauren Collar

Lauren has been selling fireworks for Pyro City Fireworks since she was a little kid.  She continues to stay involved with her family-owned business because of her passion for supporting small business owners.  Outside of work she loves making things from skincare, to homemade sauces and jams to upcycled items.  She is always scheming about her next project or business idea.  She loves DHA for its support of creative small business owners.  Something interesting about her…she stands on her head almost every day!





Secretary:  Lindy Kedro

Lindy makes a myriad of things from handmade jewelry, totes and books to short experimental films and abstract drawings & paintings. She is the owner of Little House Montessori in Golden, CO as well as the founder of Zingara Studios in Denver. Lindy loves that the DHA brings creative people together to promote handmade talent and inspire ingenious artistry. Lindy also loves to visit the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster to hold Rosie the Tarantula.




Social Chair:  Katie Wells

Katie Wells is the creative lady behind Giddyup!, a Denver fashion and accessories company. The goal of Giddyup! is to put immaculately made garments on unique ladies and gents. FUN IS THE NEW BLACK! Katie loves the DHA and is excited to be super involved in the crafting community this year. Meeting new people, connecting with other creatives, and maybe learning a new skill or two is what she looks forward to with DHA. If Katie lived on a deserted island, she would ask only for nachos as company…nachos…





Social Media:  Sara Guindon

Sara draws, paints and pieces together paper-cut creations. She likes to eat paczkis filled with prune jam and takes pride in her long distance walking.






Membership:  Melissa Tomerlin

Melissa is a craft market maven, jewelry designer, and founder of The Gold Bug who is always ready to jump in and lend a hand.  She also has a wealth of knowledge about taking your show on the road to out of state markets and approaching big retailers.


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