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Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

One of the best parts about writing Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts is scouring the internet for crafts. For those of you who thought I just randomly had all this craft knowledge in my head, sorry for bursting your bubble. Also, shame on you for not thinking I was cooler. Anyway, whilst cruising [...]


RMCYCLE is an annual charity event hosted by Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, ASID Student Chapter. Every Year RMCYCLE raises money for local or national charity through the auction of art objects made of recycled or sustainable materials, as well as through the auction of gift items. All proceeds this year will go [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

Sure, I had a plan to go “professional craft blog” on you guys, showing you how to make glorious Christmas gifts step-by-step, awesome-by-awesome. But then…well this blog is called “crafty hour, it’s HAPPY HOUR with crafts” for a reason so, you can figure out what happened. I was going to give you a bunch of [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

I was at a restaurant the other day (this girl be allll class) and I had a glass of water. Naturally, I started blowing bubbles in it (told you, allll class) and it made me think of how awesome it is to blow bubbles in chocolate milk. It’s like, the best bubble consistency out there! [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

I don’t really have any strange back story to this craft, nor do I feel like making one up so, let’s just jump into it, shall we? Crafting up a Hoarding Storm of Sarcasm! So yeah, that well written caption pretty much sums up what we’re doing. Except for that part where I called myself [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

What’s the best part about the fall? Football! Hahahaha, man. Just kidding. Tailgating! Sure, there’s other stuff like changing leaves, cooler weather, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks and fun crafts, but that all goes hand in hand with tailgating so, tailgating wins! Wait, what? Crafting goes hand in hand with tailgating?! It sure does my skeptical [...]

Call for Entries – Disguise Art Benefit Event

Cynthia, one of DHA’s wonderful volunteer organizers, is also helping to organize a Call for Entries event to benefit the local nonprofit Buntport Theater. It’s not a vending opportunity, but it could be great exposure and just a fun way to do something different with your masterful crafting skills. It sounds like a fun event [...]

Art by Craft Opening

Exhibition opening, Material Swap, and PotluckFriday October 2, 2009 from 6PM-9PM Come out to learn more about the Denver Handmade Alliance and meet other local crafters. Bring along your unwanted crafty supplies to swap out for something different. Oh! and a plate of your favorite treat to share. If that isn’t enough, there will be [...]

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