Monday Member Spotlight: Melissa May of Incroyables by Melissa May

Please describe your craft business. What was your impulse for starting it?

I create handmade hair accessories, using materials and techniques that are used in crafts I enjoy.  My background is in fashion design, so my first few years after coming back to Denver after college, I was
focused on doing shows and creating clothing, but was having a hard time translating my talents into money.  Then, my mom became unemployed so we were trying to think of a way that we could make some
extra money together.  I came up with the idea of hair accessories, beginning with feather headbands.  My mom later got a job and I found myself doing everything myself.  The money was getting better and
better so I kept at it, gradually adding new products.  Eventually, the money got to be so much better than my clothing business that the hair accessories have become my main focus lately.  I am currently looking to expand to cities outside of Denver.

What do you consider to be the most important personality trait of an entrepreneur?

Determination, definitely.  Not everything I do works out well, but I make sure that I give it my all and stick with it.  You do have to have a bit of realism when it comes to determining that one way isn’t working, but then you just replace that technique with another and keep at it.  I also think being able to listen to every idea that comes to your head and being able to evaluate it to determine if it is a worthwhile idea or not is important.  I always say I look at everything with money signs in my eyes, trying to find my next great idea.



What piece of advice do you wish you had, when starting your  business?

Well, I personally still feel like I am in the beginning stages of my business, as I have a lot left to do to make it a real, professional business.  So I guess I would say, I wish I had a step by step “how to” guide from someone who knows exactly what I am going through.



 Who in Denver do you admire? Who is your crafty hero?

I really admire the people who can be crafty, successful, and are known for what they do.  Fancy Tiger, Adam Sikorski (responsible for the Coloradical shirts you are seeing everywhere), and Samuel Schimek are examples.



What’s the best show you did last year?

I had pretty good success with several holiday craft shows last year. Quite a few were high school craft shows, which I did because I figured between the students and relatives looking for presents for the students, I would do well since I had a different product than what other people had and my look tends to be quite young.  The best one by far was the Smoky Hill High School show, which for the Denver-area high school craft show circuit, is the best.

Where can we find you online? 






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