Monthly Archives: August 2012

Denver Etsy Craft Party!!

Tomorrow night Craftsy will be hosting an Etsy Craft Party in Denver!! The party is from 6pm to 9pm Friday August 24th at Craftsy Studios. We are anticipating it being a great time and are looking forward to being one of the thousands of Etsy Parties!! Craftsy Studios: 3455 Ringsby Ct. Denver, CO 80216 Visit [...]

Broomfield Etsy Craft Party!

   ETSY CRAFT PARTY AUGUST 24, 2012 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  at Make It Sew WISH YOU WERE HERE Come join us for an Etsy Craft Party.  We will be making a “Message in a Bottle” craft, enjoying some live music and having fun with fellow Etsy friends.  Call Karen at 303 466-8129 to register.  [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

Hey! Hey guys! Remember me?! Eh, whatever. Here I am. I mean, wow, my mom’s been asking about these I missed you guys. Also!? I made this baller ass wine stopper. Baller. Ass. Yep. DINO THE WINO.   What you need for DINO the WINO: Toy dinosaur Wine stopper, preferably lame and metal with a stupid [...]

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