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Edgewater Children’s Festival – Call for Vendors

Check out the press release/call for vendors below from the Edgewater Children’s Festival July 30th and 31st: The weekend of July 30 and 31, 2011, the Edgewater Children’s Festival, presented and organized by Edgewater Enterprise with assistance from the City of Edgewater, returns to Edgewater and the Sloan’s Lake area of Northwest Denver. Last year’s 1st Annual Festival [...]

Craftin’ Carnival Call for Vendors

  The Craftin’ Carnival is looking for vendors for their upcoming event Sunday September 11th. What is the Craftin’ Carnival you ask? “Craftin’ Carnival is a community of crafters, hobbyists, artists and artisans. Our goals are to provide an opportunity for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work in a supportive marketplace, and to [...]

Monday Member Spotlight: Mari’ Vasel of All Things Bean

    Please describe your craft business. What was your impulse for starting it? I worked in the girl’s design department while in college. I got a BS in Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati. They offer a five year program that requires you to co-op six times before graduation. So I alternated a [...]

Art by Craft 2011 Applications!

Art by Craft Logo by Matt Scobey   We are excited to announce that applications for the Denver Handmade Alliance’s third annual Art by Craft Exhibit & Market at RedLine are now open. Part art exhibit, part craft market this event is a celebration of craft in a fine art setting. The Art by Craft Exhibit [...]

Monday Member Spotlight: Hope Morgan of haunted sparrow

  Please welcome Hope Morgan and her art dolls to the Monday Member Spotlight.   Please describe your craft business. What was your impulse for starting it? I make one-of-a-kind handmade art dolls. I started making dolls over ten years ago after seeing a primitive style doll that caught my attention. I loved the rawness [...]

The Handmade Hook Up – Call for Swag Bag Donations

For more information on the Handmade Hook Up visit:

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

Summer is finally here YES. Naturally this means we all want to sit outside and drink do a craft that has to do with drinking planting stuff, right? Right. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to plant stuff in the spring but…we’re still going to do the craft. Because the end result is a sweet pair [...]

Etsy Craft Party 2011!

We here at the Denver Handmade Alliance are thrilled to be partnering with Fresh City Life and theDenver Public Library for this year’s Etsy Craft Party! This party is Grey Gardens themed, haven’t seen Grey Gardens yet? Do your self a favor and check it out, here is a quote to get you intrigued. “This is the best thing [...]

Monday Member Spotlight: Gretchen Wrede of Abercot

  Please welcome Gretchen Wrede of Abercot–our Monday Member Spotlight is on her! Please describe your craft business. What was your impulse for starting it?   I love to sew, and this passion began when I was 8, making clothes for my Tammy doll. I started my Abercot shop in April 2008, hoping to grow [...]

MaxFund’s Lucky Mutt Strut – Call for Vendors

Hello Fellow Crafters, One of our lovely members Roxann of Paisley Bird has brought a vending opportunity to our attention with some heart. MaxFund is a no-kill animal shelter in Denver that takes in stray dogs and cats, gives them all the medial attention they require, and sets them up for adoptions, now how cool [...]

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