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Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

Oh the inevitable holiday hangover. Whether it be from the extreme mania of going home over the holidays, the 32 bottles of wine that went along with said mania (I have a big family…), the barf flu you picked up from your cute but germ infested nieces and nephew OR the bottle of whiskey you’ll [...]

Denver Handmade Homemade Announces 2011 Workshop Series

The friendly folks over at Denver Handmade Homemade passed along their 2011 workshop series info for us to share with all of you. The workshops are geared towards people with small business ideas or people who just want to know more about how to start a small business and be successful! The Handmade Homemade Market [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour with Crafts!

Sure, I had a plan to go “professional craft blog” on you guys, showing you how to make glorious Christmas gifts step-by-step, awesome-by-awesome. But then…well this blog is called “crafty hour, it’s HAPPY HOUR with crafts” for a reason so, you can figure out what happened. I was going to give you a bunch of [...]

Denver Handmade Alliance Holiday Potluck & Gift Swap

Who: You and your crafty friends are invited to the DHA Holiday Potluck & Gift Swap. What: A holiday get together with fellow crafters. Bring a dessert or appetizer to share (the drinks are on us) and something handmade to swap (you can even bring a few things if you want). We’ll have a handmade [...]

Crafty Hour; It’s Happy Hour With Crafts!

It’s December, yay, and that means holiday stuff! Time to get out those decorations and make your my 550 square foot apartment look like a tacky explosion of color right out of Ernest Saves Christmas. Just kidding, we’ll make super classy, non-holiday-specific, don’t-have-to-take-down decorations. Because, as I’ve said before, I’m awesome and am always thinking of [...]


Jill Alyn of Wordshop in the Highlands area is looking for a detailed creative to co-manage her small, specialized paperie. If you are interested please contact her at 303.477.word(9673) or at

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