Monthly Archives: April 2010

Workshop: Understanding Local Sales Tax

Last week’s Crafty Ballyhoo marks the beginning of the craft fair season for many of us. Or maybe you are thinking about starting to sell your handmade goods? This workshop is geared toward you! Learn what you need to know about local sales tax! In partnership with the Mile High Business Alliance , the Denver [...]

DHA Membership Application

DHA Member application Download  and mail in the above pdf to apply for membership to the Denver Handmade Alliance! GO CRAFT!

Crafty Ballyhoo! Swap!

We are anxiously awaiting this Saturday’s (the 17th) Crafty Ballyhoo! and wanted to fill you in a little more about one of the exciting crafty activities happening that day, our SWAP! What is SWAP? A place to trade out unwanted materials; A place to discover your next art project; A place to meet other creative people. Why [...]

Call for Cakes!

Posters are printed!

Brett and Susan screenprinted the posters and swag bags yesterday. They are totally fantastic! If you know the perfect place for one of these limited edition posters, let us know! Or better yet- stop by Tomte to pick up a couple to hang. We only have about 40 of these beauties, so we’d like to [...]

Crafty Ballyhoo Fliers!

Susan Hazel Rich designed us up some fantastic fliers! Please sprinkle this about to help us promote. pdf of Ballyhoo handbills 8×11

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